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  • a gryphon

    Azurite Azurite plate with azurite balls front and back. Great location. From the Naciemento Pit, Section 21 Mine, East of Cuba, Grants Zuni, New Mexico. Ex Chris Cowan Collection. From Palaminerals via Frank A.

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Afghanite from Ladjuar Medam, Sar-e Sang, Koksha Valley, Khash & Kuran Wa Munjan Districts, Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan

:: Japanese Andradite Garnet crystal

Liddicoatite Tourmaline - Nigeria

Yellow Citrine from the Congo

Spessartine on Muscovite

new colour palette

Watermelon Tourmaline

Red Beryl

Bi-color Tourmaline

Photograph of a tanzanite (123896) from the National Mineral Collection that displays blue-to-purple pleochroism. In this photo, the crystal is purple.. Photo by Chip Clark.

Peridot is always shades of green because it derives its color from iron, the essential part of its chemical composition. It's known as an idiochromatic gem. Other examples of are aquamarine (always shades of blue) and kunzite (always shades of pink).

Red beryl, the rarest gemstone on earth (worth 1000 times more than gold by weight). Photographed by Robert Weldon


Red Beryl var. Bixbite (rare form of Beryl (Red Emerald) / Thomas Range, Juab County, Utah

Red Beryl

Emerald Green Druzy Dioptase Crystal Cluster by FenderMinerals,

Diamond crystal mw

Watermelon Tourmaline, pink and green mineral gem stone

Colors of Sapphires

African Mint-Colored Garnet ~ The northern mining area of Merelani ~ Tanzania

Yellow Sapphire "Portuguese" Cut Round

A rare pink 34.65-carat diamond, nicknamed the Princie Diamond recently sold at auction at Christie's for 39.3 million dollars. The diamond was discovered 300 years ago in the Golconda mines in India.

Rainbow Spectrolite