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  • Jenny Pajor-Helmick

    I should have paid attention in Algebra. Im going to that website for kids to learn math again lol

  • Andrea Wilder

    Math and the Zombie Apocalypse I can do three kinds of math, 1 Snooze-bar math (How many times can I hit the snooze bar and still be on time?) 2 Snack math (How many of _x_ can I buy with _$y_?) and 3 Zombie math

  • Devon Lape

    Zombie apocalypse math problems! I totally would have paid better attention if I had this teacher!

  • Kelsey Richter

    funny teacher zombie apocalypse on imgfave

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I should have paid attention in Algebra. > Really, though...And I've always said math was useless. I need to redo my zombie plans. Haha

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I better be dead, because you were supposed to shoot me a long time before it got to this point

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Let's face it: In a zombie apocalypse (much like most other apocalypses), the majority of us are screwed. I apologize in advance to all of you i'll have to kill in order to help assure the survival of the uninfected. ;)

Poor teachers! You've got to be one tough SOB to work in the school. I totally couldn't handle it :(

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