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  • The Sociological Cinema

    Labor Unions Are Necessary to Protect the Working Person | While it may not be surprising that more Democrats agree with this statement than Republicans or Independents, it may be surprising that the divergence in opinion appears to be growing along party lines. [click on this image to find a short video and analysis of the ideology and false consciousness that is behind steady decline in unionization]

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The sexist origins of temp work: "The temp agencies’ strategy was clever and successful because it exploited the era’s cultural ambivalence about white, middle-class women working outside the home. . . Protected by the era’s gender biases, early temp leaders thus established a new sector of low-wage, unreliable work right under the noses of powerful labor unions."

On May 4, 1886, as police approach a labor rally in Chicago, a bomb is thrown. The resultant trial of eight activists brought worldwide attention to the labor movement, and initiated the tradition of "May Day" labor rallies in many cities.

Laundry facilities in migratory labor camp. Imperial Valley, California, near Calipatria, 1937 - Dorothea Lange

“We have words for racism and sexism, but wealth discrimination isn’t fully recognized. It is a bias in favor of the wealthy and against labor, the environment, and the community. Concern for the public good must become the animating force of our economic order.” - Marjorie Kelly, journalist, corporate reformer | Portrait: Robert Shetterly

Oh the arrogance of the rich who believe their money is equal to the hard labor of those who carry them on their backs.

In case anyone is still confused -- THIS is what all the fuss is about. This chart uses stats from 2007. The disparity is even greater in 2013.

Discover the world of politics.-Charles Myrick- www.worldhealthca... .

"The Widening Gap Between Richer and Poorer Countries, 1800 to 2009" [click on this image for a closer examination of the experience of poverty with a short video and analysis]

Change from 2008-2012 of Percentage of People self-reporting being "lower class"

Average Income Per Family 2008 data includes capital gains. Source: Emmanuel Saez, University of California Berkeley [click on this image to find a clip and analysis of the growing inequality in the United States]