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listened to wvok "the mighty 690" in birmingham with joe rumore & dan brennan

WVOK...Bessemer Super Highway. Grew up listening to Joe Rumore, "the mouth of the south" and his brother, Duke Rumore. Later, Springville's own Don Keith was a WVOK radio announcer...slj

I remember....

MOUTH OF THE SOUTH! Birmingham's own Joe Rumore pioneered the radio industry as one of the renown personalities of the 20th century, holding ground with celebrities like Hank Williams and Andy Griffith. His amicability transcended sound waves and tied a community together, remembered not only as a voice on the radio but a faithful friend... Read more in "Joe Rumore: More than Radio's 'Good Neighbor'" by Wendy Reed, Alabama Heritage, Winter 2013, Issue 10

And who remembers Benny Carle? Also a star on Birmingham kid shows in the 50's and 60's.

The Hermitage - Remains of one of the Most Famous Antebellum Plantations in the South.

Who remembers the Eastwood Bowling Alley and its Boom Boom Room?

fortune teller scales, "have you gained or lost weight?"

Stuckey's. This is where you would stop to get gas and food on trips through the South, before there were gas stations and McDonald's at every single exit. They had incredible pralines and peanut brittle.

Piggly Wiggly!

Before there were malls and we shopped in downtown Birmingham, Sears was the starting place. We parked in their lot and walked all over town. Oh, be still my heart thinking about shopping excursions with my mother. Like the one who originally posted this said, "Oh where's a time machine?" I can smell the nuts roasting at the candy/nuts counter.

Eastwood Mall Bowling Sign by esywlkr, via Flickr

crabby appleton, "rotten to the core"

Mad Magazine & Alfred E. Newman--- "What Me Worry?"

Walls of Jericho State Park in Northeast AL- the "Grand Canyon of the South"

Fisher Price Cash Register - my girls had this one :)

Vintage Barbie cases.

Zayre--there was one up on the hill above the Eastwood Mall.

Did we ever think there wouldn't be a Big B Drugs anymore? The one at Roebuck in Birmingham was opened 24 hours a day and where we always went to get medicine at crazy hours.

.Old Golden Arches design...first one I frequented was in Roebuck area of Birmingham.