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Carrie and Mr. Big / "Goodbye my lover"

Jan Hammer - Original Miami Vice Theme ( Miami Vice Tribute video by Ste...

Big & Carrie | "Gravity"

Carrie and Big - S2 ep 18

Carrie and Big -"Because You Loved ME"

"Sex and the City" --- Season 6 Big & Carries' happy ending in Paris

Carrie & Mr.Big - "Hurricane"

"Bleeding Love" (Carrie and Big)

Carrie & Mr. Big - "Rolling In The Deep"

Futuristic Lovers (Buffy & Spike)

carrie & big

Carrie & Big.....miss them

Big & Carrie.

Big and Carrie

Mr. Big & Carrie

Carrie and Big

Miami Vice - In The Air Tonight 2

Big & Carrie

Meredith & Derek - Just The Way You Are

Big and Carrie

Carrie & Big... The Love that never got away