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    Kitchen sponges can accumulate food and microbes when used for long periods of time and are not thoroughly cleaned. The moisture and food particles in a dirty sponge make it a perfect environment for microorganisms to grow (such as bacteria and fungi). Their waste products give the sponge a distinctive smell. If your sponge is smelly or over 1 month old, it's time to throw it away! Remember to replace your sponges every month with Calendar Sponge.

    Dish sponges can get dirty quick. Nuke the sponge for 30 seconds or put in your dishwasher cycle to zap germs. |

    The Dirty Truth: Get Rid of Your Kitchen Sponge - Alternatives

    How to Deep Clean a Refrigerator. It's not a fun job, so use these steps to do it right the first time!

    Here's your cleaning schedule:

    This post teaches how to clean windows like window cleaning pros do, in seconds, using a squeegee. It also says that newspaper is actually not good to use and Rain-X helps keep your windows clean for a longer period of time! Super helpful!

    9 Things I Learned From Cleaning Every Day For A Month (from a woman who hates to clean!)

    For those of us who hate to clean, we wonder what the whole purpose is of keeping a tidy and clutter-free home. These 9 surprising benefits will completely change your perspective on cleaning in general, and by the time you`re done reading this post, you will want to establish a regular cleaning routine right away!

    31 ways to deep clean your home

    Monthly disinfecting & Quick Pick Up: Clean dirty dishes, pick up baby toys, put away folded clothes. I usually try and do this first thing in the morning although it doesn't always happen ;)

    Heart or cardiac muscle with capillaries passing amongst the heart muscle fibers. by Dr. Dennis Kunkel