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How Fiber Affects Carb Counts in the Food You Eat

Some years ago my husband was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. After 30 years of cooking whatever came into my head to concoct, I had to start thinking about every ingredient in every meal. My purpose for writing this blog is to share recipes for food and drinks I have come up with that are both delicious and healthful. Good for diabetics, and also for anyone wanting not to sacrifice taste in the quest for a more healthy lifestyle.

Homemade Fresh Pico de Gallo on - the perfect way to get more vegetables in your diet!

25 Low-Cholesterol Recipes That Truly Taste Delicious

Branding Vegetables So Kids Will Eat Them

Broccoli* - cooling thermal nature; diuretic; brightens the eyes; treats summer heat conditions; reduces eye inflammation & nearsightedness. Abundant pantothenic acid & vitamin A benefiting rough skin; rich in vitamin C, sulfur, iron & vitamin Bs. If lightly cooked it will retain its rich chlorophyll content which will counteract gas formation.

Information on Ketogenic Diets

Ketogenic diets are one of many low-carb diets. Learn about the importance of ketone levels and why this diet is popular amongst epileptics.