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Super DAD Father's Day Hand Painted Glass / Personalization

Lolita Beer Belly Pilsner Glass 22.9oz / 650ml | Hand Painted Beer Glass Pilsner Glasses - Buy at drinkstuff

$25.99-$27.95 Baby Lolita Hand Painted Pilsner Glass, Birthday Beer - Cheers to the birthday guy or gal with Lolita's Birthday Beer Pilsner. What better gift or way than to give a collectible glass to help you remember that fun night? Lolita's Gotta Love My Beer Line has a pilsner for every occasion. Every glass has a hidden message waiting at the bottom. The hand painted pilsner holds 22-Ounce ...

Bottle Cutting: Tie string around the bottle, remove, soak in acetone, replace onto bottle where cut is being made. Light string and rotate bottle so flame circles, once flame goes out dip into cold water, you'll hear a loud crack but that's good the glass broke!! Ta da!!! Side note make sure the string is thinner or it won't work.