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cloud of colors, same other perspective. type of colour photos if u stare at long enuf your mind will create its own pictures/images

I swear one of these days I'm just going to spontaneously combust. Just hope it's colorful like this :). Lol

This is a photo of a colorful explosion. Lately, the word explosion has applied to my life through explosions of emotion. Bursts of happiness, sadness, stress, and more. There has not been a dull moment.

Because It's Awesome: Artist // Marcel Christ

Master of still life photography, seems Marcel Christ can make anything look like art. Check out these amazing pigment explosions!

Tinta, óleo, água e outras substâncias misturadas proporcionam fotos incríveis

Tinta, óleo, água e outras substâncias misturadas proporcionam fotos incríveis

Color Explosion

Color Explosion – 20 photographies de Marcel Christ

Still life photographer Marcel Christ has discovered something profoundly beautiful with this simple but effective series of photographs capturing the explosions of colored powder.

Controlled Burns par Kevin Cooley

Controlled Burns par Kevin Cooley

Controlled Burns - For his photography series Controlled Burns, photographer Kevin Cooley photographs imposing images of fire as it gradually burns itself out. Meant.

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These Color Smoke Grenades features 7 different smoke colors. Cool Burning smoke gives you approx. 90 seconds of dense cover smoke.

(Electric Festival Style With UD) #neon #bright #colors #glow #blacklight #urbandecay #UD #coachella

Smoke and colors - Louis LANDER -DEACON - Oh man. I’ll never tire of colored-smoke-in-the-woods photos.

The Oil Spill in the Bathroom. Bet you didn't know you had one!    Photo Credit - http://www.flickr.com/photos/43444831@N07/4435322032/

The Oil Spill in the Bathroom

Color ~ Rainbow ~ Spectrum ~ http://www.pinterest.com/joysavor/color-~-rainbow-~-spectrum/ I was Blue

What Color Is Your Personality?

color: This painting represents color because this piece dosnt show just one emotion. It could represent many emotions because of the colors that are used. Also because of how bold the colors are.