Katie, is a 22 year old from Tennessee who is now living in Uganda as a foster mother to 13 beautiful little girls. Her story is amazing and her blog is so incredibly inspiring. I am typically not one to be interested in religious causes and especially not causes outside of the US but I cannot help but be drawn back to this story. Most people know I strongly support causes helping children in the US. Not because this is where I am from, but because there is so much hurt, pain, and suffering...

that happy moment when your niece mistakes you for Katie.. I wouldnt mind this one bit :)

Katie Davis - at 23 years old she is mom to 13 beautiful girls and founder of Amazima ministries, which feeds and educates hundreds of children every day.

Without a word, one of the best love stories ever.

Great words from the great Mother Teresa

An Iraqi girl in an orphanage - missing her mother, so she drew her and fell asleep inside her. Very sad

The hairstylist who spends his free time cutting hair for the homeless. | 12 People Who Definitely Did The Right Thing

Katie Davis, author of Kisses from Katie. A young lady who moved to Uganda, adopted several children, and makes a real difference in the lives of orphans.

This needs to be posted around every high school in America!

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"Let my heart be broken with the things that break the heart of God." Never forget the suffering of the world, and do all you can to alleviate their pain. This photo is from Somalia.

A group of Christians showed up at a Chicago pride parade in July. They were holding up signs saying “I’m sorry that Christians judge you," “I’m sorry for how the churches treated you,” and “I used to be a bible-banging homophobe, I’m sorry.” THIS IS THE LOVE JESUS TALKED ABOUT. I think this takes a lot of courage, and I wish more people would step up and do this.

Really live


Audrey Hepburn spent many years in Africa helping the helpless. Yet all the pictures on Pinterest show her as a fashion icon. Fashion passes in a wink, compassion lasts forever.

God has turned my world upside down, but He’s turning it right side up.” Amazima director and founder Katie Davis tells how God changed her perspective and filled her with passion to love and serve the Ugandan people, especially the children. It’s through caring for the orphan that God has turned her values upside down and nurtured her dependence on God above all. Hear more about the remarkable impact Katie and Amazima are having in Uganda. (Part 3 of Katie Davis' interview with FamilyLife)


love Jesus. love orphans.

This man protected an orphanage (with 25 orphans run by this man's mother) in Kenya from a gang of thugs with machete. A hero! The Internet collected 65k (only 2k was needed) to help them secure the orphanage wall & land. *Making a Difference!*