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Sałatka z łososiem wędzonym

Sałatka z wędzonym łososiem - przepis / Salad with smoked salmon - recipe - Cut the grapefruit in half, hollow, divided into segments. Clean celery, cut into slices. Drain the shrimp pickle. Particles of grapefruit, celery and shrimp combine with mayonnaise, season with salt, pepper and sugar. Salad, grapefruit halves hollowed fill. arrange decoratively on top of salmon, sliced ​​olives and celery leaves.


Kanapki z serem i łososiem

Kanapki z serem i łososiem/ Sandwiches with cheese and salmon,


Kanapki z jajecznicą i łososiem

Kanapki z jajecznicą i łososiem/ Sandwiches with scrambled eggs and salmon,


Sałatka z grejpfrutem

Sałatka z grejpfrutem/ Salad with grapefruit,

from The Pioneer Woman

Creamy Flan

Huh..I could do this. best way to cook salmon...cover with olive oil, salt & pepper. put in a *cold oven* and set the temp to 400. leave it for 25 minutes...perfect