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Ukiyo-e Heroes: Donkey Kong Visits Japan. In his fantastical Ukiyo-e Heroes series, illustrator Jed Henry reimagines classic video game characters in the style, setting, and medium of traditional Japanese woodblock prints (ukiyo-e).

Fox Moon, in homage to the Nintendo game Star Fox. For decades, Japanese woodcut printers have merely copied old masters for tourists. "There have been no new, fresh ukiyo-e designs," says David Bull, who has spent the last 30 years mastering the traditional technique. Now, thanks to the video game-woodblock hybrid imagery of Jed Henry, a 29-year-old illustrator in Utah, "young people all around the world ... are writing" to ask about woodprints. (5 of 5 images) Caption at link

How Video Games Revived The Dying Art Of Japanese Woodprinting

How Video Games Revived The Dying Art Of Japanese Woodprinting by Jed Henry and David Bull


French graphic designer Simon Delart, aka uses triangular shapes to create these cool illustrations of superheroes and video game characters. via Geek Art Simon Delart

indiegogo:  "80s Heros," "90s Heros" and "Real Bad Guys" posters designed by Andrew Heath exclusively for TheNerdyBomb Indiegogo campaign. G...

Poster - You get the Andrew Heath designed, exclusive print Heroes." The print features Mario, Link, Metroid/Samus, and Mega-Man. This print was designed exclusively for TheNerdyBomb

Mario... Link... Donkey Kong... Samus... And a random pink blob of DOOM!!!

The evolution of video game characters. It's always nice to see how a design of a character varies from game to game.

Super Mario WW2 posters #nintendo #fanart

Note: Larger shots of each poster after the jump, high-res versions available at the artist's site. This is a small series of Super Mario propaganda posters from Bowser's camp encouraging Mushroom Kingdomites to join his reptilian republic against his.


Anatomy of monsters – Alien, Predator, Gremlins…

Another fantastic anatomical movie monster by Minneapolis based illustrator Brad McGinty. This poster details the anatomy of the cute little Mogwai from Gremlins.

Jed Henry - Trouble Afoot (TMNT) – Outré Gallery

Ukiyo-e Heroes is a project that recreates classic video games in the form of classical style Japanese paintings.

Game Ukiyo-e by Jed Henry

Jed Henry - Ukiyo-e Heroes Pokemon Ukiyo-e are the traditional woodblock prints from Japan, probably the most famous is the “Great Wave off Kanagawa” by Hokusai”. Mixing traditional Japanese art and Japanese vintage video games heroes

What if Video Games Were Made Into Childrens Books? OHMYGOD the littlest dragonborn???!! I would so read

What if Video Games Were Made Into Children's Books?

What if video games were made into children's books? Combining my love of video games, art, reading, and children's books!

8 lessons video games taught me


Video games have taught us. I could be wrong but that last one looks like it would be Simon Belmont, which would make that a whip not a scarf>>>> that's the game journey not what you speak of so It is really a scarf

Dragon borne rises

SKYRIM Minimalist Video Game Poster by posterexplosion on Etsy silhouettes of favorite video game characters on dramatic backgrounds

Sengoku Batman - Gordon Summons the Bat by swadeart.deviantart.com on @deviantART

"Sengoku Batman - Gordon Summons the Bat" Done in the style of a Japanese woodblock print. by Scott Wade / United States