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    "I was born in the wrong era."

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    • Madison Franklin

      Ya know its funny without reading the description my automatic thought was that this was gonna be a weight loss add. Oh how the times have changed. WOW

    • Mommy Methodology

      Mommy Methodology - Beauty in Motion - Fitness - How Do You Look In Your Bathing Suit - Poster - times have changed

    • Lexi Boyd

      Oh, how times have changed. Ironic how an ad from the 50s shows a 'too thin' woman wanting GAIN weight to look like the curvy / well proportioned woman on the right and in this day and age the 'too thin' woman would be replaced with an fat woman wanting to LOSE weight to look like the skinny woman on the left

    • Michelle Keifer

      THIS is hilarious. Women used to take supplements to GAIN a little weight. Now it's the reverse... I guess either way it's sad that the media is always trying to encourage the "status quo body", it's just funny how the times change.

    • Krystal Walden

      This is crazy! Old time ad actually encouraging women to gain weight to look good in a bathing suit. Oh how the times change!

    • Emily Holley

      How do you look in your bathing suit? Interesting stuff. Oh, how the times have changed.

    • Megan Tandy

      Oh how times have changed. Evidently I was born in the wrong era>

    • Irene Jennifer

      Oh how times have changed. Vintage Ad for Weight Gain Supplement!

    • M Heredia

      Times have changed, bathing suit, pounds, add weight

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    I was born in the wrong era

    HAHA! Every time I feel guilty for eating ice cream, I'm going to reread this!

    'Beauty' is a very human construct, fluid to the dictates of time, culture, and even politics/religion. There is beauty in all of us. Some will see it, many others never will, and that's why the only thing that matters is that YOU see it in yourself. Poignant and beautiful art.

    Never thought of it that way

    Good Question

    Barbie without makeup.

    this is so wrong. I laughed so hard.

    So very wrong.

    ancestry clues

    Wrapped Around in Time Leather Watch | @three bird nest (Love this! Too bad it's sold out.)

    "After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh." - Mr. Big. SATC

    sorry i totally laughed outloud with this one.


    Jennifer Lawrence. AMAZING

    A woman with curves

    There's womanly curves and then there's a 12 year old's body with boobs...

    So glad someone else sees these things the way I do ;-)

    . So born in the wrong generation..