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Math Live is a web site that 3rd-6th grade teachers should look at whenever they are starting a new unit. It’s packed with great TV like episodes in a cartoon format introducing many different math concepts. What’s great is that it introduces math concepts to show how math applies in everyday life. Give it a look and see what you think!

Just found out about this website... amazing!! Favorite Resources for Addressing Academic Concepts

KindergartenWorksfrom KindergartenWorks

10 Activities for Describing 3D Shapes in Kindergarten (K.G.3

3D Shapes - Teacher tipster song


Sunday Math Journals - Transformational Geometry

Transformational Geometry Foldable. This is an excellent foldable for student journals or binders. I would have my students create this foldable after teaching about the different types. This would be a great study tool and reference for homework.

Math Live - is a fantastic site to use for upper elementary students that has a plethora of cartoon math tutorials on subjects like fractions, multiplication, area and perimeter, tessellations, probability, and a variety of other topics. The glossary section is an amazing collection of math concepts animated for more solid understanding.

This doesn't look like fifth grade stuff, but being able to visualize these concepts and expess the number manipulation different ways is important.