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yep...For me it's too bands, One Direction. Some people call me obsessed, I call myself extremely dedicated.

Louder album(from top to bottom)-Pass me by, Forget about you, Ain't no way we're going home, Want you bad, If i cant be with you, and Love me like that

To me your not the next big thing you are the biggest thing in my life not even joking

Yeah!!!!!! and Rydel is in the band to so they are a band not a boy band In order for a band to be a boy band they first off can't have any girls, No instruments, and nothing but singing and synchronized dancing.

Yes. I love how we call ourselves the 5sos fam because we are a family. Thousands of fans all different shapes sizes, races, personalities and we still all have the courage to call ourselves a family. Nothing in common except the fact that we all love and will support the 5sos boys through everything.<<<<<<<<< please repost/reblog etc. I WANT THE BOYS TO SEE THIS. SO THEY KNOW WE ALL CARE!!!!!!