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Wow...! ♡Live.

you don't know why you're exhausted? you're fighting a war inside your head every single day. if that's not exhausting i don't know what is...

This is beautifully accurate. Click through for the rest. (Anyone feeling this way: Please seek help. You don't have to face it alone.)

Happy Birthday to Maya Angelou! An #inspirational #quote from the one and only:



“You Don’t Have A Mental Illness! It’s All in Your Head!” | Often people believe that mental illness does not exist because they cannot see it. Ignore negative comments and focus on your mental health recovery.

Don't allow someone else to make you feel this way

With a passion but I am who I am and im not changing just for you stupid a** opinion so just stop trying to get me to be happy isn't acting enough you don't care anyway..

Conquer Me - Poems about Love

Don’t lose hope, you never know what tomorrow will bring

Debunking the myths about suicide

The story of many "Survivors" - Some die looking for a hand to hold. We only need to look at the suicide statistics for both those diagnosed with complex PTSD or borderline personality disorder to know that this is a fact. The survivor is often in "fight" or "flight" mode when suicidal. It is not simply a play for sympathy. #cptsd #tptsd #trauma

It happens very often that #people associate #depression with #suicidal thoughts - and not without any reason, actually. Depressive people experience a wide range of emotions which can be overwhelming.

Repin to share the facts and help save lives! The Facts About Suicide INFOGRAPH

Vardagligheter, trivialiteter, alldagligheter & livligheter... : "Fort och fortare". (Texten är sprungen ur en disk...

7 important things to understand about suicide & the 800 number to get help.

When i got into that car accident today, i was just crying and asking God why did i live? But at the same time i was thanking Him. 1/19/14

Don't lose them by accident. Try evertouch. Download it now! #evertouch #addressbook #contacts

Infographics on Suicide Prevention

Not only girls deal with self harm and depression........guys have depression like me

Scary statistics on the rates of depression and suicide in young adults (high school and college students).

Infographic about Suicide statistics and warning signs. Visit www.counselingins... for more information and resources from Counseling Insite. Knowledge is Power