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Infamous 'Yellow Banana' remembered Junior Johnson is a member of the inaugural NASCAR Hall of Fame class, a driver who won 50 races and an owner who saw his drivers win six NASCAR Sprint Cup championships. And he might be best known for building a car that was blatantly illegal, so completely beyond the spirit of the rules, let alone the letter of the law, that he earned himself a permanent spot alongside Smokey Yunick in the NASCAR scofflaws’ hall of fame.

Wendell Scott, stock car racing driver. He was the only African-American driver to win a race in what is now the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, breaking the color barrier in southern stock car racing. He also was the 1st Black to obtain a NASCAR racing license. His career was repeatedly affected by racial prejudice & problems with top-level NASCAR officials; however, his determined struggle as an underdog won him thousands of white fans, and many friends & admirers among his fellow racers. R.I.P.