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I know there isn't a wonderful picture of the homemade products, but if you click on the will see homemade recipes for All-Purpose Cleaner, Creamy Scrub Cleanser, Furniture Polish, and Drain Opener.

With a radiant heating or cooling system, the goal is to make the temperature of a room more comfortable by changing the temperature of an entire surface. Most of the time we think of radiant heating systems, we think of them for floors, sometimes called underfloor heating or in-slab heating. But the principle can be applied to any surface: a wall, ceiling or even a mirror.

Bill Moyers Ten smart people -- including Dr. Jane Goodall -- shared their ideas for saving the planet with us. Here are 10 things they would have America do right now to combat climate change.

amazing Michael Pollan piece on the food system of the U.S. (and how it really affects the food system of the entire world)

Largest International Study into Safety of GMO Food Launched by Russian NGO and due to start next year...

Bill Nye the Science Guy explains to the public that not enough is known about GMOs to make the assumption they are safe for the environment. Read more: #GMO

Bill Nye wants to wage war on anti-science politics and save the planet from asteroids

When I ask Nye about what he considers his current top three political passions, he responds: “Climate change, raise the standard of women around the world through education, asteroids.”