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Mateo   Mateo Kimerlee Curyl has dedicated her career to the magnificent wild horses that roam the plains of our great country.  Curyl has an amazing ability to capture the pure essence of the animals.  This release showcases the independent nature and innate sense of freedom reflected in every move the horse makes.  With a wind-whipped mane and flying tail, Mateo majestically rules his domain.  http://www.finelifeart.com/mateo/

Kimerlee Curyl - Mateo - Limited Edition Horse Print Kimerlee Curyl Wild Horse Photography Horse print by artist Kimerlee Curyl. Front photo of wild

wild horse closeup - Google Search

wild horse closeup - Google Search

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Report: BLM Illegally Sold Thousands Of Wild Horses For Slaughter - Horse Racing News

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I believe that having horses nearby brings a bit of peace to my soul. I hope to have land for horses to roam on one day.

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Kimerlee Curyl - Partners - Wild Horse Print Horse Photography - Pictures of Horses 12 x 12 horse photograph by Kimerlee Curyl Photo of two wild horse

Fierce Grace by Tony Stromberg

Fierce Grace by Tony Stromberg - I have this pictureand it's prob my absolute favorite!

Lisa Dearing - Wind Runner - Lone Wild Horse Print

Lisa Dearing - Wind Runner - Lone Wild Horse Print Lisa Dearing Art Prints of Wild Horses Sepia print of wild horses by Lisa Dearing.

Sheraz @ Robert Dawson

Robert Dawson - Sheraz Sepia - Horse Print - Canvas Options Horse And Western Sepia Photography - Page 2 Close up of a dark horse by artist Robert