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Don't forget to put out oranges for the orioles!  And I am finding out the woodpeckers like them too.

Using a suet feeder as a simple fruit feeder to attract Orioles and other fruit loving birds. This is a great idea.

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Oriole Delight Feeder: Attract orioles with this bright-orange buffet feeder that gives these beautiful birds lots of room to feed on their favorite foods--oranges and grape jelly!

Greatest Bird Feeders - Suet Cage with Extended Tail Prop, $10.00 (http://www.greatestbirdfeeders.com/suet-cage-with-extended-tail-prop/)

Woodpecker Suet Feeder With Extended Tail Prop.

hummingbird feeders DIY

Hummingbird and nectar feeders continue to be popular, and today there are lots more styles to pick from. There are plenty of different varieties of hummingbird. Here we present the easiest way to create DIY hummingbird feeders that can make by yourself.

Decorative bird bath de-icer. 75 watts. Constructed of cast aluminum with a decorative colored finish to resemble a flat rock. Thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary. Safe in all b

constructed of cast aluminum with a decorative colored finish to resemble a flat rock. thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary. safe in all bird baths.

Never throw away grease from cooking, bread crumbs, stale cereal, stale crackers, dried fruits, and nuts again! Make bird food for the winter!

the Birds

This is a guide about making homemade suet. You can attract many birds by putting out suet cakes. You can easily make suet cakes at home and vary them to your local bird species. The whole thread has different recipes & tips for making your own!

for the winter birds.

Droll Yankees Suet Feeder - Durably designed to withstand squirrel damage while delivering a tasty treat to your backyard birds, the Droll Yankees Suet Feeder is easy to hang.

Fun Bee Feeder is versatile for sunflower hearts or shelled peanuts, adds a splash of color and style to any outdoor space while enticing more feathered friends! Durable wire screen feeder is crafted

Mesh Bumble Bee Peanut & Seed Feeder

Bumble Bee Fun Sunflower Feeder: Attract a variety of birds with this mesh bumble bee-shaped feeder! Features diamond-shaped mesh to provide your birds with easy clinging for feeding.

great purple martin house

Martin bird house plans Martin bird house plans If you re crafty inclined you might want to use these free bird house plans to make your own house for landing birdies Nestbo

Bluebird House - Build It!  I built these with teens in residential treatment...they loved it!

Blue bird house plans Blue bird house plans So you are looking for a few birdhouse painting ideas for your birdhouse Are you looking for solid paint ideas or are you looki

Homemade bird feeders - might be a good science experiment - see which birds like which bird feeders best.

Attracting birds to your backyard is easy with a homemade bird feeder. Learn how to make your own Spiral Bird Feeder.

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Songbird Essentials Large Plantation with 2 Suet Baskets -