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Oval-8 finger splints stabilize and align the PIP and DIP joints. With a simple turn of the splint, each Oval-8 finger splint can be used six different ways to treat tendon or ligament injuries, protect healing fractures, control unstable joints, prevent contractures and more.

The ADJUSTABLE UNIVERSAL CUFF is a simple device that allows those with limited finger/hand dexterity and strength to hold and manipulate objects easily. The D ring strap adjusts to fit any hand comfortably allowing for greater independence. From for $10.95

Adaptive tool - Keep fingers safe from sharp knives with this plastic guard. Just slip your index finger and thumb into its thimble-like pockets; a textured gripping surface holds foods firmly while a flexible body protects your hand and fingers. Hand wash. $5.99

Every occupational and physical therapist working in sub-acute or skilled nursing should know how to manage joint contractures - here's a quick tutorial.

Use the three finger grasp (thumb, index finger, and middle finger) to pick up the pom-poms with the peg. Great strength building to help develop a pincer grip (",)

For a really good -sensory- fine-motor -motor - control activity, take these materials: cheap shampoo with color, bead, large zip lock and a maze to the child's ability. Put the zip lock over the maze! This activity is also very useful for a child who is just learning motor control to stay in spaces. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources

Simple Exercises can Prevent Falls in proving the effectiveness of OT programming