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Aww Sherlock. You weren't the only one crying. We all were. I cannot watch that scene without crying. <-- I WILL CRY ALL THE TEARS ENOUGH TO WATER A ROSE, FLOOD TWO PONDS, AND A RIVER!!!

the Guardianfrom the Guardian

Q&A: Benedict Cumberbatch

Q & A with Benedict. If you're not already deeply in love, you will be.

"I think Molly is one of the smartest persons he knows. He's so hard on her because she tries so hard to be ordinary and she isn't, and he hates ordinary. He wants her to be extraordinary. I love Molly. She is so much more important that anyone ever realizes, even herself."

Molly ♥ The only person who Sherlock will completely confide in when it counted most. I love how moriarty said he was going to kill his friend, and he listed off three, but really there was four. Molly. And in that moment Sherlock knew he had kept his most precious friend safe.