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    Louise Brealey in The Trojan Women.

    "This happened! I saw it happen! Loo was in her photo session and I was almost up then all of a sudden Benedict runs through the door, up to Loo and hugs her tight then kisses her on the cheek and then puts his leg up, messing around and posing! He then went and sat down and watched me and a few others have photos with Loo whilst smiling cutely and Loo kept looking over at Ben! She couldn’t stop giggling after and I told her it was adorable to which she just nodded whilst giggling!"

    Benedict Cumberbatch & Andrew Scott. Picture taken by fans while the two were taking a break on the balcony outside the National Theatre, 01.11.13 - Hahaha, I was thinking the same sort of things when I saw these pictures.

    Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived - The Oatmeal. Read this, it'll only take a few minutes but really worth the time.

    Benedict Cumberbatch

    This is a list of the audio books that Benedict Cumberbatch either speaks in or narrates.

    Louise Brealey aka Molly Hooper looking absolutely stunning.... ^agreed. fantastic fandom page


    JEANS! How did we not notice? :)

    10 things you didn't know about Vader's armour. Absolutely fascinating, very interesting and so freaking awesome.

    We underestimate the self-awareness of Sherlock. He comes across as someone who doesn't know how hurtful he can be, yet...this. And other moments. (*whispers* it's all an act)

    #SherlockChallenge Day 26: Favorite Sherlock Actress- Louise Brealy! She is hilarious and fantastic. If you haven't seen any sets of her Sherlock tweets on Pinterest, look them up. I love this girl.


    I'm so done

    Oh, bless her heart.

    Benedict Cumberbatch 0.0

    Sherlock, The Sign of Three, behind the scene


    Benedict Cumberbatch. Oh gosh, look at that eye. ♥