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k Kusanagi-Izumo

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Kusanagi Izumo

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Haikyuu!! Mommy on Duty (1/5) by Suncelia

Akaashi is a very clever guy, you know? xDDD He's also a good mom, hehehe Bonus pic: Paint Tool SAI, 2016

Fushimi x Yata

Misaki's face oh my god ; fan art has never affected me so much!

WOW Deeep words

It was such a fantastic idea that even though Mikoto and Tatara were gone, the second season still kept their influence in the forefront.

Mikoto x Munakata

Oh God, Guys! I can't take that! I'm shipping Mikorei, and I always have to think about how damn hard it must've been for Mikoto to KILL the one he loves! Makes me always crying. #myanimelife Totsuka Tatara - Missing Kings

Totsuka Tatara - Missing Kings, Memory of Red, K (Not going to cry!

/Awashima Seri/#1672108 - Zerochan

K Project - Awashima Seri Official Art

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When has that one guy with the sunglasses ever been sexy? How is he this hot as agirl?

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that is awesome! Anime: K-project K missing kings K return of kings ❤️❤️