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Husband and I were snowed in this weekend, and I just loved staying warm and cozy with him by the fire as the snow fell out the window... all photos via and via Can't the snow be oh-so romantic? Le sigh. Sending warm and toasty wishes to all of you!


. . . I love everything about this . my favourite shade of pink . . . . . . . . . lovely pink kitchen . . . . Pink Bougainvillia, one of my favourite plants . . . . . hand screened pink bunny cushion available from Erin Flett on Etsy . lovely…


Closed-ish RP, Eleanor and Eliza:: I lay in the sunshine on a picnic blanket spread on the soft, green grass. My hair is spread out around my face and I watch the clouds in the sapphire blue sky, thinking about the newspaper article...(continue)