Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path... Amazing tattoo! If I was to get a tattoo this would be the one. I bet it was painful.

cute tattoo and placement

Foot tattoo

I thought of M when I saw this...Tatoo

tattoo on foot

Call me whatever you want, but I honestly love the thought of a white tattoo right there.

Next tattoo?

tattoos on feet | Inspirational Tattoo: Butterfly Tattoos

I think this is what im getting, just in a different place!

"Alis volat propriis" ( she flies with her own wings) Possibly a back tattoo...or maybe not but it's amazing whitneyann13

Not a big fan of feet tattoos, but I love this one. I would get a foot tattoo cause I can't feel in my feet!

tatt & piercing. cool idea!


Me and my bestfriend got the same tiny heart as a reminder to love ourselves, each other and our family no matter what. Done at ‘Deep Cut’, Reutlingen, Germany.

Foot tattoos - Cute idea, not crazy about tribal tattoos though.

Word Tattoos -


tattoo word placement is excellent

IF I ever got a tattoo...I thought this was a pretty cool place...and font...subtle..not sure that "no fear" is me anyway.

so cute!!