'Sticky Fingers' - We all have at least one friend that is obsessed with candy corn. If you don't, it's probably you and you need these wraps!

Our 'Sticky Fingers' Jamberry wrap mirrors your favorite Halloween treat--Candy Corn! This wrap definitely puts the 'treat' in 'trick-or-treat' !

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Here's a fun idea for a Wine and Jam Party. These wine glasses from the Dollar Store along with some Jamberry Swag make for a great prize! :) Could make into a bigger gift too!

Do you dread trimming your Jamberry nail wraps because it takes so much time and effort each time? Stop starting over each time you do your nails and create a reusable Jamberry nail wrap template! This template is easy to make, cheap to create, and simple to use! It’s great for properly sizing Jamberry nail wraps, as well as trimming off extra length on french tips or Jamberry NAS designs. No more tape method!  >>Buy 3, Get 1 FREE!  Order yours at: http://msjamgirl.jamberrynails.net/shop/

Create a reusable Jamberry template! It’s great for properly sizing nail wraps, as well as trimming off extra length on french tips or Jamberry NAS designs. Let's make Jamberry nail wrap stencils!

Country Harvest Jamberry Nail Wraps *Get yours here https://melissaallain.jamberry.com/product/country-harvest#.VeY615dfHao

Jamberry Nail Wraps Gingham, fall leaves and festive colors make this matte finish Mixed Mani perfect for an afternoon in the country.

Jamberry has clear based & lightly tinted designs that can be layered over other wraps or lacquers. Your nails are only limited by your creativity! http://www.kimberb.jamberrynails.net/shop

Jamberry offers clear wraps which can be layered over another wrap or on top of lacquer for a unique look. Here are just a few of my favorite clear nail wrap combos.

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Sunny Lotus, Sweet Whimsy, and Teal Mini Polka Jamberry! Get these and add 1 to get it free! Love my Jamberry!