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I am infinitely chasing perfection; always climbing closer to it--but my deepest fear is to reach the snowy peak, to stare into the face of the sun in all its glorious luminescence and know its perfect light, and to be dissatisfied. I am an imperfectionist; I am content to always stay in shadow, as long as there is the hope of seeing the light touch some small thing on earth, any tiniest bead of frozen water, any thinnest thread of spider's silk, and seeing that it, too, is perfect.

Snow in turquoise pond, Hokkaido, Japan ~ "My dream is the dream of a pond ~ Not just to mirror the sky ~ But to let the willows and ferns ~ Suck me dry. ~ I'll climb from the roots to the veins, And when leaves wither and fade ~ I will refuse to mourn ~ Because I was dying to live." Shu Ting ~ @Elsa Davern

perfect. This reminds me of OHio winters when I was growing up. The fresh snow was so lovely.