sin over cos = tan

Math jokes are apparently my favorite.

Octopi ! #Math_Jokes

Hahaha! Yay for nerdy Lord of the Rings humor! And I will fully admit that I got on Google Maps to try it... that's what it says!!

I'm down

Haikus are easy. But Sometimes They Don't Make Sense. Refrigerator.

Diabetes - Funny Pictures

Science funny


Isn't it amazing how no math teacher in my life has taught me this!? Wow... This would've made things so much easier.

Math Humor


Math jokes with Tutor Octavian (Math Tutor). Like me on Facebook: Webpage: #math #joke #funny

Gaga Math

Gotta love the science jokes

dork side


math joke

I <3 The Big Bang Theory... and corny science jokes :)