sin over cos = tan

Math jokes are apparently my favorite.

Mathematicians DO have a sense of humor!

Funny things is, Nina does not get this, but Gordon does. Every passion needs a square :) #passionsquared

google+ is the devil.

I'm with Frodo on this one. I wonder what would happen if I just put that answer on a Math test....

Ohhh physics...

just a little math humor :)

math joke haha


stop sine! (i truly love math puns.)


Science funny

I guess we're the control group.

This pin i put up was becasue of how im literate in humor. Im not sure if this apply to how im literate but i love funny things and i would read a bunch of funny messages and my literacy is kinda humorous i love jokes and things like that. I have a huge sense of humor so i loved this type of stuff

lmfao his faces.