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This Jalapeño-Cheese Venison Summer Sausage Recipe will make you thankful you learned the art of home meat curing and sausage making.

from Self Proclaimed Foodie

Beef Jerky

If you have a smoker, one of the easiest protein filled snacks you can make is your own Smoked Beef Jerky. {Self Proclaimed Foodie}

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How to Make Your Own Jerky

A great basic guide to making beef Jerky! I've got my dehydrator out, time to try!

Made this in my food dehydrator - turned out great! Jerky Lover's Jerky - Sweet, Hot and Spicy! Recipe -

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How To Make Awesome Venison Jerky

How To Make Awesome Venison Jerky | Wide Open Spaces


How to Make Jerky- Step By Step

The Homestead Survival | How to Make Dehydrated Jerky- Step By Step — Picture Tutorial |

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Venison Jerky Recipes

Venison Jerky Recipes; Recipes for making venison jerky (deer meat jerky) with step by step instructions.


Venison Steak Marinade

Venison marinade recipe