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  • Katrina Quigley

    Console to Closet is a fashion blog inspired by video game characters. The pinned image is inspired by a Zombie from Plants vs. Zombies. INSPIRED is the key word here though, some of the outfits only use a feeling of the original character, especially for something like the Sunflower from the same game. This is not cosplay, but she does do that too if you would like to see those they're over there

  • ;)

    Zombie (Plants Vs. Zombies) by ladysnip3r featuring screen print tees This outfit is inspired the Zombie of Plants Vs. Zombies. I chose to do a button up that can be worn unbuttoned to give a sort of “zombie” look without any of those rips. I also chose a t-shirt in the same colors as the Zombie’s skin color. I found basically the same tie that the Zombie wears and paired that with dark brown accessories. This outfit is pretty casual, even though it has a tie, and could be wo

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If you don't tell will she know When the #Zombie Revolution comes? - Be a man! Join your neighborhood zombie watch now!

Are they drooling a thick, gelatinous goo with no apparent concern about getting it on their shirt? Do not offer them a moist towelette. This is probably a #Zombie.

16. The Zombie Autopsies: Secret Notebooks from the Apocalypse by Steven C. Schlozman, M.D.

Console to Closet. Inspired by Dante of the Devil May Cry series. I would change the shoes to some boots or flats.

Inspired by the Trainer from Pokemon X/Y (Console to Closet: Fashion Inspired by Games)

Outfit Inspired by Aperture Laboratories from Portal (Outfit by Console to Closet - Fashion Inspired by Games)

Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect Series) by ladysnip3r featuring chronograph watches I have received more requests for a male outfit inspired by Garrus than any other character! So here it is, an outfit inspired by the Archangel, the Sniper, the amazing Garrus Vakarian of Mass Effect. I chose a really cool plaid button up over a space shirt (Is it Palaven’s moon?!). I also chose a backpack to add that bulky look of Garrus’ armor on his back - Plus, every sniper needs to carry his tools.

Inspired by Geralt from The Witcher (Via Console to Closet, the fashion blog inspired by games)

Grass Block (Minecraft) by ladysnip3r featuring... | Console to Closet