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hello this is danny he is 16. he plays baseball and plays the guitar. he is so kind and sweet. p.s he is my fake boyfriend:)

Hey. Name's Juilan, but hey, you can call me Jules anytime. Or just call me anyway ;) I'm the son of Jack Frost. I'm not sure who my mother is, but my dad has comfirmed it isn't Elsa, so I'm not related to anyone. I'm 19, I'll generally just be messing around with my ice powers, so if you see a dove made of ice, that's my doings. I help with school decor and stuff. But yeah. Oh, I'm also Bi so I'll flirt with the men of the academy too ;) introduce anyone? Well, if you aren't too shy that it ;)

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HOLY HELL!!!! He's so hot!!! And those dimples!