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Yup! I hate that stupid pain scale. I have said it is a 10 before and the docs just laughed at me saying I would be dying if it were that bad. How rude!

Not for the faithful! The definition of faith is belief without evidence! Those of us that don't have it, forget this is normal behavior for the infected...They don't need proof, they know in their hearts that they're right. The problem is thinking with your heart when logic and reason reside in the brain! If we're really going to be honest...infj4thelost

Yep, therapeutic. Perfecting that which is imperfect, removing what does not belong or threatens that which is good. Also pretending the weeds are assorted jerks one must deal with daily, like the under-hung gashog in the giant SUV that cut me off in traffic...

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After being an ER nurse for 36 years, I still find it rewarding. You have to be a little crazy to love this job.

Chronic Pain - Oval Decal

Sometimes having fibromyalgia does allow us to get to a point where "other" chronic pains don't bother us! We gotta keep our sense of humor!

Please spread the word and maybe young boys will start wearing their pants like normal people again!