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"His Faces of Addiction series, which focuses specifically on addicts, won him professional acclaim — and a little bit of viral fame — for its no-holds-barred look into the lives of people that polite society often ignores."

Photographer takes chilling images of Chicago's drug addicted homeless

Never done it. Try to keep my mood up. But as much as I pretend to be this happy exciting guy when I'm drinking all I want to do is numb myself

Mental health is a big taboo for people to talk about. Marina didn't know the reasons behind why she was feeling sad, but she soon realized that it was perhaps something she needed to talk about it with people who could help her help herself. Listen to her story.

The teenager who saved a man with an SS tattoo

38 Signs of Drug Addiction You May Be Missing

38 Signs of Addiction You May Be Missing - Check out this checklist of addiction signs and symptoms #addiction #signs #parents |

Does the human soul weigh 21 grams? On 10 April 1901, an unusual experiment was conducted in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Dr. Duncan MacDougall was going to prove that the human soul had mass, and was therefore, measurable. He weighed 6 people who were on the brink of death then weighed them again as they died. He got some interesting results.