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Harry on Taylor

Hahahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahaha ok even if you not a direcrioner you have to admit this is kindof funny<<im laughing so hard i cant even breathe X'D


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WHITE ESKIMO!!!!<<< finally a picture of the WHOLE group<<<< I think we kno who the hottest member is..

Harolds first band. The White Eskimos. Aren't you glad One Direction was formed?


Whoops, my hand. Yeah we'll go with that(;>>> I am not even going to say that my hand slipped! I did it on purpose!

This honestly what I look like no joke...just not as hot.

This honestly what I look like no joke.just not as hot. And I Fangirl when they do

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I'm just gonna bite my tongue and NOT comment about the look on Niall's face.