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BU-F-01073-1-04708 Piatra Neamţ, vedere generală, 1913 (niv.Document)

The Red Lake (Lacul Rosu) was formed in 1837 after a landslide block in the Bicaz Valley in Romania. It is about 93 metres deep and covers ca. 12.01 hectares. The name derives from the reddish alluvia.

Architectural Model with Seven Figurines, fired clay, Cucuteni, Ghelăieşti, 3700-3500 BCE. The Cucuteni-Trypillian culture is found in present-day Moldova, Romania and Ukraine.

In Pacific cultures, such as the Māori, whose creation myth included Papatuanuku (Earth Mother) or Varima-te-takere (goddess of the beginning), the primordial mother in Cook Islands mythology. In South America in the Andes a cult of the Pachamama still survives. While ancient Mexican cultures referred to Mother Earth as Tonantzin Tlalli that means Revered Mother Earth.