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Bad news for meat lovers

Which Fats Are the "Bad" Fats? Standard advice related to fats in your diet has generally ranked unsaturated fats as healthier than saturated fats when it comes to preventing heart disease. But that advice may be changing.

Want to lower your cholesterol? Here's how- http://www.dailyrx.com/cholesterol-education-month-stresses-cholesterol-testing-can-prevent-heart-disease #cholesterol #dailyRx

Fighting the Bad Cholesterol. Not all cholesterol is bad. However, one type of cholesterol is especially harmful. When the body has too much of this "bad" cholesterol, the heart is in danger.

Having blood pressure that is too high or too low can be bad for your heart, but a blood pressure that's constantly changing may be bad for your mind. #bloodpressure #cognitivehealth

Fear the Ugly Cholesterol. Cholesterol: the good, the bad and the ugly. The "ugly" cholesterol is one to fear. It can break your heart.

World Crises Trigger More Heart Attacks. When this world starts to get you down, it could be increasing your risk of heart attack. New studies have found that hurricanes, war and economic crises may be bad for the heart.

Heart Attacks Worse For Some Patients. Heart attacks are serious health concerns. The treatment of heart attacks can be difficult and even dangerous when the patient has other medical problems.

Eggs May Be OK for the Heart. When it comes to eggs and heart health, the message has been scrambled. While some researchers believe eggs can be bad for the heart, others find no link between heart disease and eating eggs.

For years, people have heard they should not eat saturated fat. This kind of fat is found in #butter, #cheese, #meats and other heavier foods. But the wisdom of that advice may be changing. #SaturatedFat #Cancer #Cardiovascular #Diet

Heart Health

Fat Calories in Meat

Unsafe levels of antibiotics in our meat and dairy? Antibiotic-resistant bacteria in our meat and poultry? You betcha!

Meat vs Fish – #Infographic

Discover the Benefits of Grass-Fed Meats Infographic

This infographic discusses the severe impacts of meat consumption on our health and the advantages of including vegan meals in our daily diet.

Hot Dogs and Lukemia

orange ricotta doughnuts with chocolate dipping sauce


Easy Crockpot Honey Mustard BBQ Chicken Recipe! ~ from TheFrugalGirls.com {it's so easy and SO yummy!} #crockpots #slowcooker #recipe

Fig, Gorgonzola & Honey Tartines