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Dead Witch

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L4D Witch

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Left 4

Dead 2

Walk In

My original attempt at the Left 4 Dead Witch at the Comic-Con San Diego Zombie Walk in 2010. Version 1 photo Graphed by Mike Rollerson.

Aja Doll

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2011 Zombie

Dead Witch

Left 4

Version 2

Witch Cosplay

Diego Comic

A Photo

A photo collage of my Left 4 Dead Witch cosplay at the San Diego Comic-Con 2011 Zombie Walk. Version 2

Dead Witch

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Left 4 dead witch

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Dead Witch

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Diego Shooter



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San Diego

Left 4 Dead witch by San Diego Shooter, via Flickr

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Ursula cosplay at San Diego Comic Con

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The Witch, Left 4 Dead cosplay.

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Fantastic and scary cosplay of the Witch from Left 4 Dead.

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Black Widow Cosplay at San Diego Comic-Con 2010. Photo by Jason.E.N.

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Carmen San Diego | Lucca Comics 2011

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Left for Dead - The Witch by Ardias, via Flickr

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Star Trek-San Diego Comic-Con 2013 -View more EPIC cosplay at

Mr. Costumes Blogfrom Mr. Costumes Blog

Zombie Makeup Ideas for the Living Dead Look

Dark Eyes

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Face Black



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Zombie makeup ideas and detailed instructions on how to create your living dead look, with a Walking Dead makeup tutorial. Get your dead on this Halloween!

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One of our 69 (dudes!) favorite cosplayers spotted at this year's 2013 San Diego Comic-Con. Photo by Rob Inderrieden.


The Making Of A Zombie From ‘The Walking Dead’

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the Making of a zombie from ‘The Walking Dead’ amazing special fx gory makeup avant garde

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