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Cutie, makes me melt! - Guys I just had a siezer , because this stooped freaking child is filled with so much hate, it makes me mad like no ughhhhh!(: xx -A

So, I'm currently reading the Harry fanfic, Dark, and literally just looking at this boy right now sends chills up my spine! I've actually had to start reading it in private because it gets me all worked up with fiction-feels ;)

Niall! I can't find Liam's! :(

He likes chewing gum. I like chewing gum... Therefor, we are made for eachother...

^^ me explaining my love of one direction to my friends.

Awwww.<< that's it? No honey it needs to be like this,, Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeee.

My wcw they are amazing I know wensday already passed but yea

someone else's first thought: "aw he looks so adorable!" my first thought: holy crap guys i think liam's butt and boxers will be in the 3d movie..."

Hey! I wanted you guys to be the first to know my friend tirzah and me are making a YouTube account! We're doing a beauty blog (beauty, hauls, tutorials, favorites ect.) And we still need a name! If you guys have any suggestions comment below and I'm tagging tirzah in the comments:) love you guys xx