Sherlock Arguing with a Dalek. And 11 sitting there eating fish fingers and custard from a giant blue bowl. What more could a fangirl need? Answer: Nothing.

Sherlock watches Thor

Sherlock vs the Doctor

This is so accurate for me it's scary


WhoLock Moffat rage. Though he kills people, I must admit he is probably my favourite Doctor Who writer. 2nd is Mark Gatiss 3rd is Russell T Davies

Daleks, and BTW, Tommy was based off the Doctor...and he always had his screwdriver. (The creators of Rugrats were huge fans)-----ummm. awesome


#DrWho #DoctorWho

haha what doctor who and sherlock do at walmart! i find it awesome that the master and jim are holding hands



OW. P.S. My answer is watch both. Wholock ftw!

there are days when I don't know whom to love the most

“Sherlock you need to eat something...” “No.” “It’s just soup, it’ll make you feel better.” “No.” “sherlo-“ “NO!”

Hmmmm Lil naaaaa I still would choose the 11th over him... But he should be the 13th doctor!!! Lol that would make my day:)


I'll bet that's jacks blood on the ground

British at heart.

The Doctor & Sherlock