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Dear Weatherman: When I said I'd like to see 105 someday, I meant my weight. Well played, asshole.

Sorry for the language, but this is soooo true!

The weatherman gave no indication of the shitstorm of crazy people that were coming out today.

OMGGGG how fitting! our office AC is not working right now...i've become one with my clothes.

Funny ecard for the free Animate Me App. Turn this ecard into a funny video ecard! www.animatemeapp....

Weather similar to this has happened in Oklahoma more than once.

"If I drive 45 minutes in the U.S. I am just at another McDonalds"

Ah summer... the time when teachers become human again.

Wait... what day is it?, said the teacher on summer vacation.

...guess where im working this summer... all summer... in a cabin.. why yes, that burned spot on the map...

Wow, what a cool and breezy summer day in Texas! Said no one ever.