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  • Sara Pope

    Daily cleaning schedule calendar, clean your house for 30 minutes a day - LOVE this idea, especially since I tend to get ADD when I start to clean my house and it takes me all day!

  • Mary Slape

    Hmmmm ideas yo. chore chart 30 minutes housekeeping-this is great but it definitely would be more than 30 minutes with my house

  • Sandra LeVar

    daily cleaning schedule -- 30 minutes per day on daily chores, 30 minutes per day on weekly chores

  • Shellie Humphries

    Print this daily chore list Whole house 1 week

  • Erin G.

    chore list, trying to make myself a daily cleaning schedule :)

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Weekly Checklist - Household chores. If I could find enough time in the week to DO all this, maybe I'd be less stressed!

I really like routines. Really. You can only build up something from a strong base. Safety swag. I actually clean the whole house every day, but I actually enjoy cleaning the whole house every day. Kind of like do the "Daily" part, and randomly do the rest of in the other rooms through the week. I'll definetly try this organizing of housework, it is totally worth a try!

Good cute idea to make with your kids and easy fun chore chart!! Maybe this cute idea with simple chores will help them on a daily basis to learn their own routines easier! :) love

I love this idea - she has a checklist for different rooms. I am going to print these and give a checklist to each kid to do for the whole week.

Back to work time! If I continue to opt out of having a cleaning person I have to make a schedule for us to divide and conquer on a regular basis! I like to add prepping and making a bunch of meals for during the week on Sunday however:-)

A blessing for ME! This would hopefully cut down on me repeating myself and help train my children to be heroes to this Mommy!

Our family chore list - click to see the full version. it includes our daily, twice weekly, weekly and monthly tasks.