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Recycle your beer bottles.


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Cut'n paste, how to reuse your bottle

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Wine Corks again

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spray paint silhouette leaves. Could also do with anything I cut out on the cricket!

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Such a great way to turn up hems (Tried this on my son's casual trousers - worked a treat - no cutting, no frayed edges, no neatening required! And they can be let down again if he grows.

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DIY with wine and liquor bottles...awesome!

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Wine Bottle Cake

How To Cut Glass Bottles With String

How To Cut A Wine Bottle With String

Tie string around bottle, slide off and soak in acetone for 10 secs, slide back on, light on fire, as soon as fire goes out, submerge on ice cold water. how to break a wine bottle...

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Cut wine bottles.

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Beer Bottle Shot Glass Could use the bottle cutting technique to make them!

WebEcoistfrom WebEcoist

Booze it Up! 13 Rad Recycled Bottle Crafts & Projects

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Ring Inside

These wine bottle bell chimes were made using a hemp string, a wooden ball and a piece of hammered copper, but you could improvise any number of materials to come up with a similar result on your own. Just use the glass cutting kit from the beer bottle drinking glasses tutorial to slice off the bottom of the bottle. A wood or metal ring inside the bottle neck holds the string in place.

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Wine bottles transformed into water bottles

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Modge Podge Wine Bottle

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glittered bottles – tape off where you want glitter, add mod podge, glitter, peel off tape and let dry = beautiful holiday vases | Shopping Buddy



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light and fan pulls made from used or old corks.

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Chalkboard dipped wine glasses allows you to add the person's name who is using the glass then re-do it for another party. This way there is no confusion on who's glass is who's!

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Wine Bottle Cutting 30 seconds Perfect Edge Bottle Cutter ...

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DIY Windshield De-icer: Clean, empty spray bottle + 2 cups rubbing alcohol + 1 cup water Fill the bottle with 2 parts rubbing alcohol, and 1 part water. Spray rubbing alcohol solution on the ice and it will melt instantly. I may need this tomorrow.

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Neat Bottle

Recycle wine bottles into sparkly accent lights - All you need to make these beautiful wine bottle lights are an empty wine bottle, a string of Christmas lights (preferably LED Christmas lights), and a drill.