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Mental Health. Blog Post: 10 things I am thankful for everyday. - By Melody Moezzi. Click here to read-

The Hospital & Holidays. "All I wanted for Christmas was to be home... Despite my loneliness & despair, I had hope that things would get better.". Click the link to continue reading Karl's blog post-

Bipolar Disorder Blog Spotlight: Victoria Maxwell Do what makes you feel PROUD vs HAPPY or GOOD. Click the link to continue reading Victoria's Post–

bp Magazine columnist, Melody Moezzi, addresses a common question and concern among those of us living with bipolar disorder: Will the meds hinder my creative?

I knew this from previous hospitalizations and had somewhat prepared myself, but there are some things you can’t prepare for and there are some things no one warns you about when you are discharged from hospital. To find out 4 things nobody tells you about being discharged from a psychiatric hospital, keep reading:

Change is hard. Change is scary. Change is uncomfortable. Unfortunately, change is sometimes inevitable. I know for me there are some things in my life that are changing and I’m scared to death of how my life is going to end up.