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Candlelit Petra - Jordan

This is on the top of my list! Petra at night. "I will never forget walking at night in the desert, in silence, only candles guiding me under the stars until you reach the passage and, finally,the treasure. It was beautifully overwhelming.

*PETRA MONASTERY~ High above Petra is the empty ruin of the imposing Monastery.

Al Khazneh, or the Treasury, at Petra, Jordan. Is this carved directly out of the surrounding stone landscape or constructed in a more standard (although still very challenging) way?

Petra, Jordan. I probably won't be traveling in the Middle East anytime soon, but I can still dream http://exploretraveler.com

200 Years Since Petra Was Discovered. Petra is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Jordan. In the year the city of Petra had been

One of the most magical places I traveled to while living in Egypt. #Petra city, Jordan. A royal, majestic and beautiful place.

Petra, Jordan The first view of the ancient town, approaching it from the canyon, is breathtaking. Also the place where they filmed Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

Petra, Jordon...I'm so fascinated by this place...long before Indiana Jones went there!  I hope to see it one day.

Petra Jordania - Petra is a magnificent city offering splendid grandeur and ruins, popularly called as the rose red city. It is located in the south of Jordan and is one of the beautiful places in the world.

the ruins of Petra, Jordan, named by the Smithsonian Magazine as one of the "28 Places to See Before You Die."

Petra, Jordan Petra is an Arabian historical and archaeological city in the Jordanian governorate of Ma'an, that is famous for its rock-cut architecture and water conduit system. Established possibly as early as 312 BC

Petra, Jordan. What a treasure it would be to be able to just stand there a listen to history's whispers.

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Jordan is a diverse and beautiful country. Petra is an amazing place to visit. The vintage coffee pots are my favorite!