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Art of Skittles ~ I would do this too, problem is that I end up eating the Skittles before my artistic prowess kicks in,

Art of Skittles

Skittle Art: mario, link, yoshi I want that many skittles in one bag

Game Heroes by Nadja Hallfahrt, via Behance

Game Heroes on Behance

True that

True that

Iconic video game "symbols" dark souls' symbol is correct

Neon Genesis Evangelion- Yes! This was me while watching that... I'm glad I'm not the only one.

What am I Watching? the answer : Neon Genesis Evangelion, well I watch it and respond the exact thing too :P

League Randoms 28/?

League Randoms League Randoms 28 "I just made this post so I could post that first one" edition join list:. >Lucian >Dark type my sides are gone lol league League of Legend random

Trolling Monkey by gaby14link.deviantart.com on @deviantART - Wukong Annie Brand Tibbers

Awww pore Annie :( and fucking Wukong -.


Heroes and Villains - Created by Justin Hillgrove Part of the Anniversary Art Show at limited edition prints available here.

This joke is me basically taking a funny line from the Avengers movie and applying it to the DBZ movie "Battle of Gods". I'm actually pretty proud of this one. Lol.

Am I soooo bad of a person to think that when Beerus killed Cap, I snickered. I find ot weird because I am also a Marvel fan.

That's not my name by Haychel.deviantart.com on @deviantART --- aawwww.. :( Misunderstoods.

Link is not zelda, samus is not metroid, pit is not icarus, olimar is not pikmin, LUIGI IS NOT NOBODY!



Alien Force by leonardovincent on DeviantArt

the 10 ben 10 alien force aliens (in intro order) i think everyone would agree that this set of aliens is way brighter and colourful compared t.

10 Things I Learned from Dragon Ball Z

10 Things I Learned from Dragon Ball Z

Ten things that I as a person learned from DBZ

Deze dan ook he, vooral Ditto lol

I love animal and pokemon shaming xD

Tip: read this from right to left xD. Thank my friend for telling me, I didn't notice it XD.

Tip: read this from right to left xD. Thank my friend for telling me, I didn't notice it XD. Tips for League of legends so hot

25 years of SEGA Sonic

The Evolution of Sonic The Hedgehog

A look at the evolution of Sonic The Hedgehog. How the animated mascot and logo design has changed for SEGA's enduring game over the past 25 years.