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Photo of an owl in flight “Northern Hawk Owl” ~ Photography by Axel Hildebrandt

| November | Autumn Creatures. Tanja Brandt  Photography

Little Owls Preening and showing affection. By Tanja Brandt Photography

poetry in motion

I come to you by Stefano Ronchi, via - I cannot stop looking at the eyes. And the wings . they are almost frightening in their power and beauty, and I very much suppose that they strike fear into the little animals the owl is pursuing.


Superb Nature - Tawny Owl Scotland by RonaldCoulter.

Owl in a monocle  top hat. Insanely cute. jennyberger

Owl in a monocle top hat. jennyberger Owl in a monocle top hat. Owl in a monocle top hat.

Please make the ethical choice not to use animals or any of their byproducts. No matter how well they are treated, they are not "ours" to hunt, slaughter, eat, wear, exploit, enslave, etc. PLEASE GO VEGAN!  With so many alternatives available, it has never been easier. www.vegankit.com

Cinnamon Screech-Owl - Megascops petersoni 5 - San Vicente de Chucuri, E Andes absolutely STUNNING.

SootyOwl are beautiful and attractive bird which look innocent but owl aremostly wild and sound horror.

18+ Cute Australian Animals Pictures that Can Melt Your Heart [So Cute

Great Gray Owl (Strix nebulosa) is a very large owl, documented as the world's…

Beauty ...

Beauty ...