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Modern Parents Messy Kids: Yarn + Sandpaper + a Cereal Box = A Fabulous Quiet Time Activity Genius!

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Tips: Coloring Inside the Lines

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Tips: Visual Attention and Coloring Inside the Lines can also add dried glue lines to shape outline for border

What's in the Preschool Box ~ a twist on Quiet Time Boxes. See how we are using them in our home preschool.

All By Myself Preschool Boxes-great idea for organization for the preschool teacher. Activities for each day in a box. Makes it simple to go through the day and also if a sub is in class!

Dice games are such a fun way to practice math skills!  Here are our favorite dice games for preschoolers.

Dice Games for Preschoolers

The Scrapbooking Housewife: Busy Bags for Preschoolers - Dice Number Matching Game - Free Printable!

Popsicle Stick Puzzles Tutorial - these are actually fairly challenging.  My 3 year old is good at regular puzzles, but found these too hard.

FlipChick Designs: Popsicle Stick Puzzles Tutorial-add some magnets to the back and keep on fridge or in a tin for travel!

Montessori 3-6 class: hex, slotted and graded bolt boards - Montessori Services $99.00/set A great activity for hand strength as well as concentration.

All 3 Boards of Education

The bolts are graded in diameter for a more difficult exercise. Five slotted bolts and stubby screwdriver. Designed by a Montessori teacher to aid the development of eye-hand coordination and teach a practical skill.

quiet time activities/kits for toddlers preschoolers. 1 for each day of the week! #quiettimeactivities #quiettimekits #preschool

quiet time activities/kits for toddlers preschoolers. Love this idea and will have to start working on these!

Fun, easy color match activity for toddlers and great fine motor practice.

Fine Motor Skills Activities

Fun, easy color match activity for toddlers and great fine motor practice.

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Big mouth creature for feeding pom poms to

Big Mouth Frog (made from parmesan cheese container) for small fingers & motor control - from Therapy Fun Zone

Pipe cleaner sewing.  Great idea for younger kids!

Pipe cleaners + plastic canvas + fun fine motor skill activity (I wonder what lesson I could use this for. I think my Cubbies might like this as a coming in activity.