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Sally is an adoptable Rat Terrier Dog in Hutchinson, KS. 5 month old female rat terrier...

Male or Female? Beginning with my tenth rat, I started adopting males exclusively. I love the males because they’re (in general) cuddlier and more responsive to developing a relationship with humans. The females frequently possess independent personalities. Unlike most males, they’re not as likely to want to sit on your lap and be petted. Instead, they’re quite adventurous and even mischievous.

Thinking of making a rattie blog. Let me know if you would read it. There would be rattie tips and tricks and all sorts of fun things and resources to help you rat parents or future rat owners.

1/5/15 still homeless♦12/11/14 STILL LISTED!!♦McKinney, TX - Disco - Diamond dog adoption fee $75 Rat Terrier • Adult • Female • Small Collin County Humane Society McKinney, TX

listing Adorable Male And Female Rat Terrier Pup... is published on Free Classifieds USA online Ads -

Hey guys. What's up? I decided to make a new board called Dear Diary. I'm just gonna post stuff that happens to me and stuff. If you'd like an invite to this board just ask, k? So basically, I found out that there are rats in my house! We're going to take care of it though.

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Country Strong

Carrie Underwood’s Exclusive Interview With “Modern Dog” Magazine

"The Holy Cross Frog, (Notaden bennettii), found in tropical, sub-tropical and temperate eastern Australia. This primitive toad is one of the few Australian frogs to display warning coloration, (aposmatism)."