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Wow!! I only need 2 more followers until I have 200 followers!! You guys are truly amazing! Massive thank you to every one of my beautiful followers!!

Im sorry. But the tuxedo effect must be real becuz he is adorable in that!

Hey guys who had wattpad if u do please follow me at jlaw555! And check out my first fanfiction

I can't deal with this, Louis please, stahp

What?!?! Where do I get a Galaxy jersey signed by Louis???? =D

This is literally the cutest thing ever ♥

I'd walk, too. With my big ole dog, Miles :) And nobody looks at Miles and doesn't love him. ♥

I legit have the best folllowers in t world. I love you guys so much and i just need to tell you all that.

CHEESE AND RICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Louis ♥<<22 reasons why I love you 1.your a total softie for kids,2. you are beautiful, saved my life , didn't change, SOML you stayed true to who you are6. in SOML you made me cry 7. you have the voice of an angel, 8. I have eaten so many carrots,9.elounor is the cutest thing I've ever seen10. I love the fray as well,

louis today omg. just. just. askadfjslfjsd (and yes, yes, I am possessively stroking my computer screen. don't judge.)