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blueeyesbeauties: Nerissa Irving is. - blueeyesbeauties: “ Nerissa Irving is just…breathtaking to me. Those locks!

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egg white pore strips: brush a layer of whipped egg white on desired areas, top with a layer of tp, then brush on more egg white and let harden. peel off and voila: clean pores!

The Cheap and Easy Way I Got Rid of All My Blackheads

Egg whites are rich with vitamins and minerals, such as selenium which stop acne outbreaks in their tracks. The protein content also helps tighten your pores so there is less of a chance that acne-causing bacteria will sne

How to Get Naturally Clear & Glowing Skin for Black Woman | LIVESTRONG.COM

How to Get Naturally Clear & Glowing Skin for Black Woman

heyfranhey: “I posted this photoset a few months back to show my shrinkage. These were taken on the same day. All textures go through it. I don’t mind it, though. Health over length any day! ”

From Hey Fran Hey: I posted this photoset a few months back to show my shrinkage. All textures go through it. Health over length any day!

A black wolf is a melanistic colour variant of the grey wolf (Canis lupus).[1] Black specimens are recorded among red wolves (Canis lupus rufus), but these colour variants are probably extinct.[2] Genetic research from the Stanford University School of Medicine and the University of California, Los Angeles revealed that wolves with black pelts owe their distinctive coloration to a mutation which occurred in domestic dogs, and was carried to wolves through wolf-dog hybridisation.[1]

A small black and gray wolf walking slowly through the gaps between the trees. He looked defeated that he’d scared off his prey. He was clearly a young wolf. He’s much smaller than the average wolf. Probably his first time hunting on his own.

Cut: increased layered form with fringe apart of the layers Color: ombré look with roots a level one and tips a level 8 Styling products : Redkens full frame 07,and glass 01 Styling tools : blowdryer and round brush

How To Pick The Right Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

LOVE this Black to Light Brown Ombre! Might be my next hair color because my last ombre was dark for fall.